Wednesday, April 19, 2006


That's how much it cost me to get one tank of gas last night at the 7-11/Citgo on Hyrdaulic. At 2.80 a gallon, this was even cheaper than the $2.82 at the Texaco (I think it's a Texaco... I never go there) across the street.

$40.00 for one tank of gas is outrageous. I might be able to accept this if OPEC severely cut back on exports, or there were some major catastrophe (such as the price spike following Hurricane Katrina when several oil rigs were knocked offline), or for any number of other reasons. But when oil companies are having their most profitable times ever, it doesn't take much to see where the companies are making their profits.

On our backs.

I am fortunate in that I live about a mile from work, and everything else I need is at worst downtown. But still, paying $40 for a tank of gas is a hardship. I can't imagine what some of my co-workers who live in places like Waynesboro, Madison or Gordonsville must be paying. And it pisses me off that I can't come to a friend's birthday party thirty miles away because I have to make a quarter tank of gas last until payday.

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have the sense that the oil companies were doing something wrong, if not illegal. It wouldn't be so bad if the oil companies weren't making their massive profits when so many people are suffering from higher prices.

And it appears, at least to Senator Schumer, that something suspicious is going on. He is calling for a probe into why oil refineries are only producing at 85% capacity. Best of luck to him.

Here's hoping I can make this tank of gas last until, oh, next winter...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We live in Fluvanna and commute to Charlottesville (me) and Goochland (hubby). That's about 450 miles per week just going back and forth to work. Forget trips to the grocery store or library or just to do something fun on occasion.

Even before the latest price increases we're paying upwards of $70 a week, $280 a month, just getting to our jobs. My co-workers in this office come from Fluvanna, Ivy, Ruckersville, Louisa and Nelson. We were talking this morning...and not all that tounge-in-cheek...of camping out here overnights or trying to work 3 14-hour days if prices get above $4/gal for any sustained period of time. Madness.

This site
has some excellent information on energy issues, updated daily.

4/20/2006 2:28 PM  

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