Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Beer Review, Part I

I try a lot of different beers, so I thought I'd start reviewing them here. Also, a series of posts gives me an excuse to use a lot of roman numerals.

Since I haven't had the opportunity yet to take PVCC's beer class, I suppose I'll give a short description in layman's terms, then rank the beer on a scale of 1 to 10, with, say, one being Natural Light and ten being the nectar of the gods.

And as this shows, I am highly qualified to judge beer.

Tonight, I obtained two beers from the Build Your Own section at Whole Foods, to see if I should make an investment in the current sale beers.

Both beers are from Hofbrau, a beermaker in Munich, Germany.

First up is the Hofbrau Original. This is a lager that has some of the characteristics of a higher class German beer, but that's where it ends. The taste is light and crisp, but lacks any sort of complexity. It's good, but on the bland side. Rank: 6

Number two is the Hofbrau Hefeweizen. This is also lacking in complexity, but does sport a sour/bitter quality. It is not so bad as to be undrinkable, but is probably the worst Hefeweizen I've ever encountered. Rank: 3

Later, look forward to another Hefeweizen from closer to home as well as one of Germany's finest.


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