Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bills for President

Sure, he can't vote yet, but Brian Bills has already accomplished more in the political world than most people do in a lifetime (the rest of the family are no slouches, either). I'm already waiting for the Bills for President campaign.

Mr. Bills is co-running the CVille City Council GOTV operation (despite not even living in the city), and for his efforts got some attention in this week's Cville Weekly (scroll down).

C-VILLE: Why do you want to co-chair this campaign?

Brian Bills: It's really the same reason I'm involved in politics at all: I feel like I can make a difference. Especially with a local election, it's all about voter turnout. No candidate has ever lost for City Council who's gotten 3,900 votes. Now think about it: It's not really that many people.

Now, honestly, what high school junior says that? Clearly, he's been hanging around some very smart people ;)


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