Thursday, April 20, 2006


In the upcoming primary for US Senate, I endorse Jim Webb. I honestly think he has what it takes to defeat George Allen in November. Get these two on stage, and I think that Allen will seem like a lightweight.

I have no endorsement in the 5th Congressional District race. I have great respect for both Al Weed and Bern Ewert as well as great reservations about each of their candidacies. I have wracked my brain on this one and have decided to just wait it out.

For Charlottesville City Council, I endorse Julian Taliaferro and Dave Norris. At least one of these guys is guaranteed a seat, but I think it is important that Rob Schilling, who is nothing more than an obstructionist, be denied a seat.

As for the Rhode Island scene, I endorse:
Charlie Fogarty for Governor (PC class of '77)
Elizabeth Roberts for Lieutenant Governor
Matt Brown for U.S. Senate
The Re-election of Patrick Lynch for Attorney General
The Re-election of David Cicilline for Providence Mayor

Best of luck to all these candidates in May, September, November, or whenever they face elections.

And, finally, for what it's worth, I endorse Steven Laffey for US Senate in Rhode Island, because his winning will make that seat much easier for the Democrats to take.


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