Sunday, April 16, 2006

Kroger Sucks, Part II

More in the annals of Kroger at Hydraulic Road sucking ass.

First of all, I had a return. I had a receipt. It was a simple transaction. One that we do all the time at Whole Foods. But they made a fit about it. The CS rep had to call two managers, and then I had to make an even exchange (at least I could get a different product than the one that was defective), even though a cash refund was well more than appropriate.

And, they were out of lamb. Two days before Easter, and they're out of a traditional Easter meat. Have you ever heard of ordering extra, people?

On another note, I have to comment that the concept of eating rabbit on Easter never occured to me, and to those who acquired said meat recently, kudos. The Easter Bunny cut off the Easter Baskets way too early... he deserves what he gets!


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