Thursday, April 27, 2006

Old Quote

A found an old quote on my old blog on Xanga...

"I think it's going to be great to be a Democrat in the next few years."

That was July 24, 2004. While I was still just a volunteer for the Al Weed campaign that year. Before I had any inclination that I would become the PC Dems President.

OK, so 11.2.04 sucked. Big time. But, that cycle and that year marked some incredible highs for me. While the Presidential election did not go the way we wanted, we Dems at Providence College basically hit a home run. All of our work was in New Hampshire, which John Kerry won. Also in New Hampshire, John Lynch broke the GOP stranglehold on New England GOP governerships. Back home, both Jim Langevin and Patrick Kennedy won handily. And Governor Carcieri's efforts to make Republican gains in the RI legislature completely failed.

11.8.05 was much better. The best the GOP could do was the election of an incumbent RINO mayor.

11.7.06 will be the best (until 2008, that is). It is now clear that the re-election of George Bush had a major bright lining. Two more years of hubris, arrogance, greed and incompetence have left us in an unexpected situation. We are not wondering whether or not the Democrats will gain seats. The more cautious among us are wondering if we can take control of Congress. The more bold are starting to talk about a political realigment.

So, it looks like I was right. The re-election aside, the last couple of years has been a fine time to be a Democrat!


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