Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Aww, Isn't it Cute?

Well, the House GOP has finally found a topic about which they are willing to work across the aisle... protecting their corrupt colleagues.

So, it looks like a Democratic Congressman has been caught taking bribes. The Speaker of the House knows he can't criticize the Democrats for having one corrupt Congressman, because, well, you know. So what does he do? He says this...

"Once I have more information about this raid made available to me, I have had an opportunity to carefully consider the long-term ramifications for the Legislative Branch of this action, and I have consulted with the appropriate bipartisan leaders of the House, I expect to seek a means to restore the delicate balance of power among the branches of government that the Founders intended."

If investigating one corrupt Congressman somehow threatens the entire legislative branch, then the GOP must have already brought the Capitol down to its foundation.

Of course the responsible thing to do would be to find and get rid of all corrupt members of Congress. But Mr. Hastert knows he wouldn't be Speaker anymore if we did that!

Projecting much, Mr. Speaker?


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