Thursday, May 18, 2006

Geographically Impaired Republicans

On one hand, we have George Allen, the incumbent Senator from Virginia, going around telling people he'd rather be an Iowan.

I guess Allen doesn't realize that Virginia is so great, politicians from other states can't seem to stay away.

We already know about Senator Santorum, who defrauded a public school system in Pennsylvania by having them spend tens of thousands to educate his kids via a cyber school while they resided in Leesburg.

Now, it turns out, the GOP nominee for Duke Cunningham's seat is up to the same trick. Eric Bilbray claims to reside in Carlsbad, CA, within California's 50th district. But the neighbors of that house (which is his mother's) rarely see him and on several occasions he and his family have claimed their primary residence is in Alexandria. The Democrats have called for an investigation.

Fortunately, recent polls and primary results suggest that both Bilbray and Santorum will soon be able to stay in Virginia full time.


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