Friday, May 19, 2006

Here We Go Again

As part of my job with the Dem Coordinated Campaign in 2005, I signed up (or at least my alter-ego signed up) for GOP email updates. And since I was obviously getting all the internal and public updates from the Kaine campaign, every debate between the two resulted in interestingly opposing subject lines appearing in my inbox. "Kaine shows positive vision to keep Virginia moving forward" would be contrasted with "Kilgore shows the courage to lead," or some such bullshit.

So, I could help but laugh when I saw these two subjects in my inbox today:
1) "Jim Webb overwhelms Miller in first debate."
2) "Harris Miller wins primary debate."

I didn't see the debate, but if the emails are any indication, Miller puts up a valiant but longwinded effort, and Webb wins with the anti-Iraq War money quote.


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