Thursday, May 25, 2006

Senator Creigh

Waldo Jaquith has just posted an interview with Senator R. Creigh Deeds on his blog.

On the campaign trail and while dealing with his constituents, I have always seen Creigh handle himself in an eager, honest and straight-forward way. I think he's a great Senator, so that's why I was a little disappointed with some of his votes this session. But this interview is impressive.

I particularly liked this...

I learned that my independence, which has been exhibited throughout my time in the General Assembly, while it might make me feel good about the votes I cast, does not pay off when it comes to raising money. A close examination of VPAP will reveal that virtually all of the institutional money in Virginia, that raised and distributed by lobbyists, went to my opponent last fall. Most interests that did support me supported the other candidate too. As an incumbent in the General Assembly, it is easy to become lazy and rely on the institutional money because, candidly, that is easier to raise.

Like I said, Creigh is honest and straight-forward. He always can tell you why he voted the way he did, and he always votes his conscience, and not the way anyone else tells him too. He knows it's definitely not helping him reach higher office, but he does it anyway. That shows strength of character, and that is why Creigh is one of my political role models. And while I'd much have Senator Brennan/Richards/Signer/Etc. and Attorney General Deeds, I think Senator Deeds is a great asset to the 25th.

Emily Couric and then Creigh Deeds. Whoever gets the seat next has some damned big shoes to fill.


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