Sunday, May 21, 2006


You knew it was coming. This is the volunteer speech.

One of our nominees for the November elections is official. I believe Al Weed has learned some important lessons from his defeat in 2004, and this year will prove a very strong candidate against you know who. And in three short weeks, we will know who will attempt to send George Allen packing.

We had a phenomenal volunteer effort for Tim Kaine, both in the city and the county. But this year we are facing two entrenched, well-funded incumbents. We will have quality candidates in Al Weed and Jim Webb or Harris Miller. But we can count on being outspent. We can count on facing a top-notch GOTV operation. We can count on witnessing the Republicans resort to sleazy tactics. All of these things will happen.

How do we overcome this? By volunteering. The lifeblood of any campaign is their volunteer effort. Our candidates need everyone to support them. If you can write a check, that's great, and they can certainly use it. But it's volunteers who do the real work, and who allow that money to be spent effectively. It is volunteers who will make or break our races this year. As hard as it may seem, we need to do more this year than we did for Tim Kaine. It's going to be tought to top that effort, but I know we can do it.

Anyone can contribute to a campaign. Even if you're uncomfortable talking to voters, or you are unable to leave your home, there are important things that the campaigns need you to do. As a former campaign staffer, I know how important and appreciated our volunteers were. And it's great when our candidates win, but as a former, current and future volunteer, I know it's even greater when we have made a personal contribution to that win.

Campaign staffers can be ornery people. After all, they're working 100 hour weeks under a lot of stress. But they're good people, and they do truly appreciate when volunteers lend them a hand, even if they're too busy or stressed to show it.

If you want to volunteer, or have questions, leave a comment below with your precinct (or where you live) and I will refer you to the right people.

I can make a guarantee. Without your help. Yes, you. Come January 2007, Virgil Goode will start another term in Congress, and George Allen's Presidential campaign will really get started. But you have the power to change that. Please volunteer to get Democrats elected this year. Congressman Weed and Senator Webb/Miller is a good thing for you, for our community, our commonwealth and our nation. Please step up and make it a reality.


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