Thursday, May 04, 2006


According to Salary.Com, a stay at home parent's work has a value of $134,121.

They also work 91.6 hours per week.

I have some perspective on this, as an average week on the Kaine campaign happened to be 92 hours. I got seven hours of sleep. That left a scant 27 hours per week outside of working and sleeping. Factor in commute times, "overtime," and getting ready in the mornings, and my "personal time" amounted to one hour of Adult Swim each night.

Not much of a life. The stay at home parent and I shared one benefit in that we both were obsessed with what we were doing. Though, I had a benefit of the light at the end of the tunnel being six months away, not eighteen years.

I've always thought stay at home parents were underappreciated. It's nice that someone puts a dollar value on what they do.


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