Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I just dropped my mom's car off at Battlefield Ford's body shop this afternoon.

I was driving from Martha Jefferson to home last Monday when I was rear-ended trying to merge onto the Bypass from Locust.

When I was passing this intersection yesterday for the estimate, nearly exactly a week after my accident, I saw another accident in the exact same place.

It's a horrible, horrible intersection. Does anyone else have any experience with this area?


Blogger J.Sarge said...

Those "merge areas" are meaningless. There simply isn't enough room (or visibility) for merging traffic to get up to speed safely.

Hope you are OK.

6/20/2006 6:48 PM  
Anonymous Kevin Cox said...

The signs do say "Yield" and not "Merge" but that doesn't mean much to many drivers. I think the problem is a sign of two things: 1. Getting an operators license is too easy and has been too easy for a long time. Too many drivers that don't really understand traffic laws and driving have been licensed.
2. The police are doing a terrible job of enforcing the traffic laws. Tickets, fines and higher insurance premiums are very educational.
In this particular situation I think that the city should extend the lanes and make them genuine merge lanes.
The Meadowcreek Parkway will relieve some of the pressure on Locust and Park.

Sorry to hear that you were rear ended.

6/21/2006 9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use the Bypass every day, and I decided a few months ago, after seeing far too many rear-endings (especially at Park Street), that I was only going to get on where there's a light. Which I guess means Macintire or Macintire. :-) Or going down Barracks to 250. Or going across town to River Road. It sometimes means going out of my way, but it seems safer. I always have to remind myself that the Bypass was build during a much earlier, less congested phase of Cville history. Sorry about your accident, and I too hope your problem can be fixed (inexpensively).

6/22/2006 4:15 PM  
Blogger Dan Kachur said...

Fortunately, I'm fine, the other driver is fine, and she accepted responsibility, so the only cost to me is a major inconvenience.

Thanks for the well-wishes.

6/23/2006 12:29 AM  

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