Saturday, June 24, 2006

Grocery Store Peeves

Honestly, people...

I thought that my biggest pet peeve as a cashier were customers who talked on their cell phones while checking out. As incredibly rude, coarse and annoying as that is, there's something even worse.

People who argue over who's going to pay.

I get to stand there with two different people handing me fistfuls of money, each telling me they're going to pay.

Look, I have no idea which one of you to listen to. As far as I am concerned, each of you has just as much right to pay as the other. It's incredibly annoying to have to listen to someone else's argument while people expect me to somehow choose who to listen to. I am nowhere near qualified to take sides. So, if this happens, rest assured that I will just stand there until you can solve your own personal problems.

Now, I'm not referring to the classic two-second "I'll get it, no, I'll get it, ok, you get it I'll buy gas on the way home" exchange. There are people that literally get into it. Yelling at each other and such. I had a guy tackle and shove someone I presume was his son when he tried to swipe his credit card. Yes, he literally tackled the guy.

I wonder if they realized they provided excellent entertainment for the customers behind them.


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