Monday, June 19, 2006

On Religion

On Religion, and Fundamentalism, and having spent most my life in or near the Bible Belt.

Wait, wait, I think I can explain this whole thing. Marklar, these marklars want to change your marklar. They don't want Marklar or any of these marklars to live here because it's bad for their marklar. They use Marklar to try and force marklars to believe their marklar. If you let them stay here, they will build marklars and marklars. They will take your marklars and replace them with Marklar. These marklar have no good marklar to live on Marklar, so they must come here to Marklar. Please, let these marklars stay where they can grow and prosper without any marklars, marklars or marklars.
-Kyle Broflovski

Wise and true indeed.


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