Thursday, June 08, 2006

Stewart Kicks Ass

It was a sight to behold, Jon Stewart totally kicking Bill Bennett's ass on the issue of gay marriage... saying many of the things I believe about the same issue.


-Every time we draw limits... starting with slavery... women's suffrage... each time there has been a battle to not allow that freedom, each time that battle was lost, and for the good of the country. Isn't this the next progression in that very same battle?

-So why not encourage gay people to join in that family arrangement if that is what provides stability to a society?

-I disagree, it's a debate about whether you think gay people are part of the human condition or just a random fetish.

-I think marriage has problems having nothing to do with gay marriage... Divorce is not caused because 50% of marriages end in gayness.

Clearly Jon Stewart is a very, very smart man.

LINK (video under 'more daily show')


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