Saturday, July 08, 2006

Canvass I

We had our first canvass in the Jack Jouett District today in the Jack Jouett precinct (that's always confusing).

It was small, but still a decent size for a volunteer canvass. It was a little disorganized, but since the last time any of us knocked on a door outside of a GOTV operation was early October of last year, that was to be expected. Overall, it went smoothly, and it promises to be even better next time.

We had our district chair, Nick Lang, of course. This is a guy who has very little political experience, but has the invaluable assets of time, energy and desire, which, while I won't sell my own experience short, is all you really need to do a world of good.

We had the honor of having one of the Albemarle Dem Vice Presidents, and former Rio District chair, Bob McAdams, join us. He might be a little shorter on time than Nick, but has lots of political experience in a lot of different venues.

Then there were the precinct captains, myself from Georgetown and Adam Justus, of UHall and the UDems. Adam was one of the top contributors from the UDems last cycle and looks to have actually increased that energy.

And we were also joined by two other volunteers, whom I won't name because they're not public figures. But, they also did a damned fine job.

Jack Jouett was my precinct (along with five others) last year, so I know it well and I have a lot of memories. We hit Georgetown Green today, which I did no fewer than four times last year, and since it's relatively easy, was an excellent place to start this cycle.

Naturally, very few people were home. The other canvassers thought we had a low contact rate, but given that I did well over 100 canvasses last year, I think we had a damned fine total. And the good news... only two Republicans. A good number of Dems. Of course no one besides obsessive political junkies like us are actually paying attention now, so we had a lot of undecideds. The landscape is very promising.

Which presents a dilemma for me. I am the Georgetown precinct captain, but Jack Jouett was by far my biggest success story (and I kicked ass in every precinct I had). I don't want us to lose any of the momentum that I and a bunch of other people helped to get there.

I don't think we will.

All in all, a pretty damned fine canvass, in my opinion. I look forward to their getting even better.

But I do really miss my Palm Pilot.



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