Sunday, July 02, 2006

Charlottesville Blog Carnival

Welcome to this week's Charlottesville Blog Carnival. For your edification, here are a dozen of the finest blog entries from the past week or so....

In what is proving to be an amazing odyssey, Kerry Neubrander is attempting to find the perfect shave.

Cash Pink, of the new blog Cashing In on Summer, found a new way of getting rid of nasty, nasty slugs. Unfortunately, this method involves wasting beer and therefore must not be tolerated.

Thanks to the Book of Joe, never again will I have to go without lamb kebabs while driving on the interstate.

If Waldo Jaquith saved Al Gore, and then Al Gore ends global warming, will Waldo have saved all of human civilization?

In a frightening sign that felines are close to their goal of total domination of the human race, two cates named Virgil and Kasey have apparently learned how to blog.

In yet another terrifying development, MommKatt from ScamperDude has discovered that cats now have their own version of the Real World.

In his UVA Admissions Blog, Dean J. lets aspiring Wahoos in on all kinds of free money.

David Swanson of Let's Try Democracy, landed an interview with a real live member of Congress!

Bored by his job, Rob Douglas of The Malaise has been inspired by the amazing story of Sealand and is now planning his own micro-nation.

That out-of-touch dude that is NOT a former mayor waxes nostalgic on the thirtieth birthday of our beloved downtown mall.

While many of us are rejoicing the arrival of Craig's List, Dave Donohue actually worked to make it happen!

And finally, Duane Gran had one of the best days of his life.

That's all, folks! Sorry to everyone who was left out. Be sure to host the blog carnival in the future so you can snub me in return!

UPDATE: I don't know why, but in three different places in this post, the link to Marijean Jaggers' blog kinda merged with other entries. So, here's lucky number 13 (hopefully)... Marijean wondered what it would be like to have a party with some of Charlottesville's local characters. Might I suggest inviting the waving man from 29?


Blogger David Brown said...

Out of touch?


7/03/2006 7:20 AM  
Blogger StLmom said...

As a rare individual born on a Friday the 13th, it's my honor and pleasure to be lucky 13 in this week's carnival! Thanks for the plug.

7/03/2006 10:47 AM  

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