Monday, July 10, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Race!

Zogby polls the 5th, and it looks encouraging.

Head to Head:
Weed - 35%

Generic Party:

Following Postive & Negative Descriptions of Each Candidate:

The poll was taken in late June (26th-28th). Weed still has only 60% name recognition, and everyone knows Goode. Weed is starting from a better position than he finished last year, with much higher favorables compared to Goode.

That, my friends, is an endangered incumbent.

Al Weed and fifth District Dems need to make it clear that Virgil Goode Jr. is not his father, has harmed the 5th District if he's done anything, and is a rubber stamp for George Allen and George Bush.

So let's hit the doors, the phones and the checkbooks and make it happen!

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