Thursday, July 27, 2006

Now It's Personal

It's bad enough that Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) had the audacity to insult some firefighters who were helping to extinguish wild fires in his state.

Even worse, these guys had traveled all the way from Virginia to risk their lives several thousand miles from home in order to help the people of Montana. And the Senator has the gall to publicly insult their efforts.

If Senator Burns has a problem with the way these guys handled their job, he needs to tell them, privately, professionally and constructively. Not rake them over the coals in front of the press.

And these guys are apparetly good. According to the USDA, "This crew stepped into a busy fire season [2001] with outstanding performance... From July 31 to December 1... they were on a total of 27 fires. After the terrorists attack on September 11, they were in New York City assisting crews at ground zero."

If we Virginians ever need Montana's help, I know for a fact that they and their efforts would be greatly appreciated, and instead of being publically rebuked they would be rewarded with some hot home-cooked meals and some ice cold beers.

Pissed at Burns for insulting our brave firefighters? Get your revenge. Jon Tester would whole-heartedly support them.



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