Wednesday, July 12, 2006

They're Crazy!

Right wing ideologues have clearly lost their grip on reality.

First of all, they didn't realize Stephen Colbert is a satirist until the White House Press Correspondent's dinner.

Now, we have your standard rabid anti-choicer who apparently believes everything he hears and reads. Even The Onion, which, even if you've never heard of before, is clearly a satirical publication if you read pretty much any random three sentences.

But not to this guy. The guy reads an article from the Onion and reposts it as if it's real and is portraying the horrors of the pro-choice movement. So, naturally, 800 or so people kindly show him the error of his ways. So, being morally correct and superior and all, he actually backs up the original post.

Having done a lot of political organizing, I do feel for the guy. He finally posts on a topic that gets more hits to his website than he ever imagined, and they're all there because he has made himself, and his movement, look like a bunch of idiots. Sad.

But it shows what we're dealing with. People who are not as stupid as the aformentioned guy, for the most part, but who have such a simplistic world view that everything can be broken down into two categories... good/bad. Of course, the world doesn't work that way, but they still refuse to acknowledge the complexities of the issues they are dealing with.

They are so firmly rooted in this world view that they can't even recognize satire! It's truly frightening.

Although I suppose it would help if they actually had a sense of humor.

I remember meeting some people who were firmly against abortion. But, they were reasonable enough not to assume I would say the standard pro-choice lines, and they would actually listen to me. I assume it's because they were not idealogues, but thoughtful people who adopted their position out of a compassionate world view. When I would link the issue with other issues, my (and Tim Kaine's) position would make sense. That's why it's impossible to talk to the ideologues, and why it's so hard to come up with a for or against answer on the abortion issue for many people. Because it's really an education/economy/health care issue. I got at least three voters who listed abortion as their top issue to vote for Kaine.

If the vocal ones on the left and most especially the right were to behave the same way, we'd virtually end abortion in no time at all.

UPDATE: 2000 comments later, he now claims he was joking all the time. Um, yeah, right. Shame on those posters who were cruel, crude and especially those who posted his contact info. Not cool.


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