Friday, August 18, 2006

Canvass Report

I didn't report on a few canvasses, but they all went well.

Our canvass last Saturday featured six volunteers. Myself, Adam Justus of the UDems, and our esteemed representative in the House of Delegates, David Toscano, were all there. We three paired up with three canvassers who were a little less experienced.

I dare say it was a perfect canvass.

The weather was pretty much perfect, but we were able to knock out the largest apartment complex in the Georgetown precinct.

And not one Goode or Allen supporter. We had a few people undecided, much much fewer that we should in mid-August. Everyone else was supporting our guys. And this in what should be one of the more conservative parts of the precinct.

That's been the pattern. A Republican here or there, but EVERYONE else either undecided or leaning Dem. And there have been MUCH fewer undecided voters than this time last year. Which means there isn't much of a choice. The voters recognize that they could have two representatives that will fight for good jobs, affordable healthcare, national security that actually protects us, and who will fight for all Virginians and not just Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.

November 7th at Albemarle High School is going to be a happening place! Can we break 80% this time? I think so. Damn, those are city numbers!


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