Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On Felix

By now, everybody and their grandmother has commented on the George Allen "macaca" flap.

But, being a shameless politician, I have to say my piece to give this story as much traction as possible.

First of all, thank you George Allen. The young man you insulted is a Democrat at UVA. Now, being college students, the UDems are understandably sometimes difficult to organize, especially in the Albemarle Dems' canvassess, that traditionally take place on Saturday mornings. But now you've viciously attacked one of their own. Thank you for giving the UDems one of the best possible motivations for personally kicking your ass from now until November 7th. As a precinct captain who will be working closely with these guys, I appreciate it. I really do.

Thank you also, Felix, for confirming what we suspected, that you are indeed a racist.

The two possible meanings for "macaca"
1) A genus of monkeys.
2) A french racial-slir for North Africans. (which Allen would likely know given his Tunisian background)

Either way... one a racist symbol and the other an overt slur, it looks like George Allen is indeed, a racist.

The scary thing is that he welcomes the Indian guy in the audience to Virginia, as if it's somehow unbelievable that someone of Indian descent isn't just off the boat. Fact is, Mr. Sidarth, the man targeted by Allen, was born right here in the Commonwealth. Who can't claim that distinction? That's right... George Allen.

Then, today, in his so-called "apology," Allen claims that he was somehow referring to the fact that his opponent, Jim Webb, had never seen the "real" part of Virginia.

Funny. Not only does Jim Webb have a deep family connection to Southwest Virginia, but I've seen him campaign all across the state, from big cities to little hamlets... anywhere there are Virginians. In fact, I've even seen him a few times in our little burg. If there's anyone who isn't in touch with "real" Virginians, it's George Allen, who apparently has no problem robbing the poor to pay the rich and sending our citizens to die in Iraq.


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