Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pro-Life Inc.

The News Virginian has this little nugget about our esteemed Senator, Mr. George Felix Allen Jr.

We are troubled, however, that Allen is profiting off a drug that many of his evangelical supporters consider a form of abortion. Allen is staunchly pro-life yet owns stock in Barr Laboratories, makers of Plan B, or the morning-after contraceptive pill, according to his financial disclosure report.

So, Felix? You make no pretention of representing me. No, your office has made that abundantly clear. Your lot is with the evangelicals, and whatever poor moderate souls you can find whose are too busy to see through your smarmy act. You're one of the types that can't stand destroying a fetus, but has no problem blowing up babies on another continent.

But you have a mistress! Oh my! All the while you are professing your undying devotion to clumps of cells, you were profiting from the other side! Oh, I know you will try to justify it by saying you were profiting off of the drug industry, which you know will do just fine after you and your colleagues voted to enrich them even though they weren't in jeopardy...

Maybe even you supported abstinence only sex education, fully knowing that teen sex rates would skyrocket, and sales of Plan B would increase exponentially.

But I forget. That's not it. That can't be it. You're not that smart. You're just a hypocrite!


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