Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I tend to be particulary verbose here, but why the recent lack of posts? I spent the past two nights house/pet sitting for a friend without internet access. Or at least without accessible internet access.

Oye, what an experience.

During my junior year at PC, my room happened to be at the closest possible point to the new residence hall being constructed on campus. At 7 AM each morning I was treated to the sound of jackhammers, large trucks, cranes and other assorted very loud construction noises. Not cool. Especially when a beautifully cool Rhode Island evening would prompt me to go to sleep with my window open. Defininitely not cool.

While visiting this friend in the past, I noticed an office building being constructed. I didn't pay much attention until 7 AM sharp two nights ago when, yep, I heard those noises again. Damn. Is there some law that all construction must begin at 7 AM? Even on a college campus on Friday morning (our weekends tended to start, oh, Monday)? Is this universal?

And if that wasn't bad enough. Yesterday I worked until 10PM. I had to work at 8:30 today. Yes, 8:30 AM. We call that clopening. Not much time for sleeping, seeing as how I require a while to get settled before I sleep. So, at 5:30 this morning, the people I'm sitting for decide to come home! Two days ahead of schedule. Turns out they had a creepy experience whilst camping. But, up at 5:30 after four hours of sleep. And not much sleep the night before.

So, if you came to Whole Foods today and I was your cashier, and I seemed to be a bit... distant. It's because I was practically sleeping. Sorry.

Damn I'm tired.


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