Friday, August 25, 2006

Still a Racist Bastard

So, it turns of George Felix "Macaca" Allen Jr. (damn, it just keeps getting longer) finally got around to apologizing to S.R. Sidarth for his racist remark last week. You know, a real apology. To Sidarth himself.

But was it really a real apology? Apparently not.

Not only does an apology ten days later not change the fact that Allen uttered a racist remark. A remark that confirmed what we all already knew, that Allen is and has always been a racist. A confederate-flag waving, noose loving racist, who is not fit to lead a state with a 26% minority population. (Perhaps Mr. Allen would be more comfortable here.)

But it turns out this apology was probably politically timed, coming right as George W. Bush appeared to raise money for his campaign, as Not Harry F. Byrd Sr.'s analysis at NLS points out.

Whether or not the timing of the call was intentional, it was definitely politically beneficial. And given the track record of Allen and campaign manager Dick Wadhams, I'd guess they were waiting for the right moment all along. I'd wager Allen's recent apology holds as much water as his first.

But on a different note, when a GOP Senator in a supposedly deep red state has to hide from the President, November 7th is going to be a wonderful night.


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