Friday, August 18, 2006

Striking Distance

Kos is reporting that Rasmussen will soon report Jim Webb being only five points behind George Felix Allen.

This is big. Last year, around this time, Tim Kaine was several points behind Jerry Kilgore in the polls. What did we do? We worked our asses off. The fact is, Jim Webb has a positive message, and George Allen, well, nothing but macaca. This same poll had Webb down ten points last month. That's huge momentum, and if we try hard enough, we can keep it going. And it's crucial that we do.

Jim Webb is our single best shot to take control of the Senate this year.

Remember these names....
Senator Casey
Senator Whitehouse
Senator Brown
Senator McCaskill
Senator Tester

These are the Dems five best pickup opportunities, but if all five win, and I think they will, that means the Senate results in a 50-50 tie. And Cheney gets the tie-breaker. If we take the Senate, it happens in Tennessee, Arizona or Virginia.

In Tennessee we have a candidate with decent fundraising ability and an open seat, but he is several points behind the Republican and this is Frist's seat. A longshot.

Jim Pederson looked like a great candidate to take on Jim Kyl, but for whatever reason, his campaign is having trouble getting off the ground.

And we have Virginia.

I'll say it plainly. If we want to take control of the Senate and start damage control until we can get a Democrat in the White House, we have to make Jim Webb our next Senator. No, I didn't say support. I didn't say elect. I said make him. Of the three races that will give us a majority, Jim Webb's is the only one that is close. But we need to get out there like we were twenty points behind and our lives depended on it. Because with a potential for three simultaneous wars and national security a joke, it just might.

We need to make sure Jim Webb is our next Senator. We're going to face an incredible fundraising disadvantage, a top-notch GOTV program and dirty, dirty campaigning. In fact, we've already seen it.

But if we get that message out there, if everyone hears the positive message of Jim Webb and the Democratic Party, there is no way that George Allen and his party of greed and negativity can win. No way.

That's why we need to help. You and I. Every voter in this Commonwealth is bombarded with mailings, advertisements, press coverage, and all sorts of confusing and misleading rhetoric. But when they go to the polls, the one real piece of information in their mind might be that one conversation with you, over the phone or at their door, over why you think it's important to get Jim Webb and Al Weed elected.

Volunteer or donate to a campaign this year. Preferably both. It's easy. Just do what you're comfortable with and talk about what you know. Both Jim Webb and Al Weed need your help, and your helping them will go a long way to fixing this country.

If you are a brand new volunteer or an experienced veteran, join us this Saturday, the 19th, in the Barrack's Road parking lot between the Kroger and the Bank of America. 9:30 AM. We'll be talking to voters in the Georgetown precinct.

There might be a reason I've skipped all the blogger gatherings so far. It's because I want you to meet me whilst canvassing.


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