Saturday, August 26, 2006

Unlikely Ally

Way back when in 1993, during George Allen's gubernatorial campaign, there was a scandal involving Allen's affinity for a certain flag. No problem, he said, his confederate flag was just part of a "collection."

No, so, says his former neighbor. According to Bob Gibson in the Daily Progress:
Today, two former officials who visited Allen's log cabin home at different times recall only up to two flags displayed there, a Confederate flag and on an opposite wall, an American flag.

What surprises me is the identity of one of these officials... for School Board member and candidate for Supervisor, Gary Grant.

It turns out at a local campaign event, George Allen singled out Grant as a "sissy" for using a bicycle helmet. Grant, who bikes a great deal out of concern for the environment, didn't take kindly to being insulted for keeping himself safe.

During his remarks, Allen spotted me in the crowd and mentioned me as his former Earlysville neighbor... Then he made a public wisecrack about me with what he called, and I quote here, my 'sissy helmet.'

The interesting thing, not only is Allen willing to publicly insult someone he knows personally, but someone who he must know ran on the Republican ticket on last year's Board of Supervisor's election against Dave Slutzky.

But Mr. Grant picks up on the most important thing of all... Is it possible there's a trend here?

Of course there's a trend Mr. Grant. Mr. Allen has proven himself to be a racist bully.


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