Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Think He Has the Wrong Playbook

Damn, poor George Allen... he keeps finding new news of being an asshole. Almost like he's trying.

So, what do we have so far?

Bully? Check.
Racist? Check.
Xenophobe? Check.

And now he's found a new one. Plagiarist? You bet.

On the Senate floor, Allen asked to speak immediately before Sen. Dick Durbin was set to introduce an amendment. When he was granted permission, he introduced a bill IDENTICAL to the one that Durbin had already prepared and was about to introduce. The two amendments are identical, except that Allen changed one single word (that work must have been exhausting).

Honestly, this action is amazing. In the real world, this behavior is met with things such as expulsion, lawsuits and the like. Apparently in Allen's world, there are no ramifications for plagiarism, calling people "sissies" in public, personally insulting Virginians on the basis of their ethnicity or hanging out with the modern day Klan.

I have to admire Allen's tenacity. He shows us every single day that he doesn't deserve to be our Senator.


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