Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Poll

We've already seen one poll that puts Jim Webb ahead of George Allen. Granted, that was one of the most questionable polls out there.

Now comes a poll from one of the best in the business, Mason-Dixon.

9/5-9/7 Likely Voters MoE 4% (7/25-7/27)
Allen 46 (48)
Webb 42 (32)

Look at those trend lines. Aren't they beautiful? In just over a month, the gap has dropped from 16 to 4. That's phenomenal. And this is the latest in a series of polls showing the race within the margin of error.

I don't care how much of an ideologue you are, or how stupid, there is no debating it. The Virginia Senate race is competitive. As with any well-funded and morally corrupt incumbent, Allen has and will likely continue to have the advantage until EDay, but for Jim Webb, this thing is definitely within reach.


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