Thursday, September 14, 2006

Richards Gone

Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards has died after a bout with esophageal cancer.
Ann Richards was a phenomenal woman who serves as a role model for all Democrats, and a hero for all working people. She was one of the very first of the millions upon millions of victims of George W. Bush. We can all honor her on November 7th, the way I imagine she would most like to be honored.

No wonder we feel isolated and confused. We want answers and their answer is that 'something is wrong with you.' Well, nothing's wrong with you. Nothing's wrong with you that you can't fix in November!

We Democrats believe that America can overcome any problem... We believe that America is still a country where there is more to life that just a constant struggle for money. And we believe that America must have leaders who show us that our struggles amount to something and contribute to something larger-- leaders who want us to be all that we can be.

-Ann Richards, Democratic National Convention, 1988


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