Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Is There Any Question?

Is there any question which party supports our troops? Is it the party that loves speechifying, fear mongering, and cheap ribbon shaped magnets? Or is it the party that votes for things like veterans benefits and body armor?

Clearly the latter.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, a non partisan group, has analyzed over 300 Congressional votes in the last five years and have ranked members according to their level of support for our troops.

If you're a Republican, it ain't pretty. Bob Geiger has prepared this handy chart...

Certainly, some Democrats have some explaining to do... Ben Nelson has only supported our troops 81% of the time. But it certainly is telling that the party that loves to accuse their opponents of being unpatriotic and not supporting the truth is clearly just projecting their own guilt.

How did Virginia's delegation fare? You can see above that both of our Senators received a D+ rating.

Thelma Drake, in a tight race against Phil Kellam, did even worse, getting a D- score, meaning she only supports the troops a pathetic 57% of the time, at best.

Receiving a C+ are NoVa reps Frank Wolf and Tom Davis.

Bobby Scott, Jim Moran and Rick Boucher ALL scored an A-. The BEST Republican was Jo Ann Davis, who managed a B-. Clearly, Virginia Democrats know to support the troops, and clearly, Virginia Republicans do not.

Our own Virgil Goode scored a C. Certainly, Al Weed, a veteran himself with over four decades of service knows how to support our troops. Virgil clearly has no idea.


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