Thursday, October 12, 2006


Working for Tim Kaine's campaign for governor made it nearly impossible not to become a devotee of Mark Warner.

So, I am sad to see that he has decided not to run for President.

I have to admire a man who knows full well that he has a good chance of achieving so much, and yet turns down that chance for his family's sake, knowing that chance may never come again.

I also have to admire a potential candidate who doesn't cancel his events in Iowa just because he's no longer running for President. Just a quick glance at his schedule reveals stops in Alabama, Tennessee and Florida, not exactly states that have a great deal of pull in the nomination process. He's focused on 2006, and he's making one heck of a contribution.

There's the obvious bright side to all of this. He hasn't ruled out elected office in the future. The nomination for the Senate in 2008 or Governor in 2009 is his if he wants it. I imagine Brian Moran and a few Republicans are not pleased with this development.


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