Friday, December 22, 2006


I wish I had more time to post... and fully flesh out the Virgil Goode situation.

Apparently Waldo Jaquith does have time, and has done just that over the past couple of days.

I can't help but be reminded of all this of a situation from earlier this year. Minnesotans are, rightfully, upset with Rep. Goode. Here we have a case in which an elected official from one state insulted the citizens of another. Specifically, Virgil Goode insulting Representative-elect Keith Ellison and the 136000+ Minnesota voters who elected him. It reminds me of a group of Virginia firefighters who were subjected to a bizarre tirade from Montana Senator Conrad Burns earlier this year when they were in that state helping to battle forestfires.

Fortunately, Montana voters saw that we don't need that kind of personality in the US Senate, and they did the right thing on November 7th.

Virginia voters did the right thing as well, getting rid of the racist Senator George Allen. Unfortunately, Goode didn't show his true colors until after the election, and this story will blow over long before Goode has to face re-election again.

I hope we find a candidate in 2008 who is able to revive the story. Just like George Allen didn't deserve to represent Virginia, the xenophobic bigot Congressman Goode doesn't deserve to represent the 5th District.


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