Thursday, February 15, 2007

He's Nuts!

It's obvious why Virgil Goode is reticent to speak, or do much at all, on the House floor. When he does speak... this happens...

Did Virgil Goode really just say he hopes for "a tolerance of divergent views and religions?" Sheesh.

I do hope that these additional forces will stabilize Baghdad and will lead to democracy and a tolerance of divergent views and religions in Iraq. Unfortunately, the history... of that region does not bode well for such conclusions. In my view, the United States, by removing Saddam Hussein, has provided a great opportunity for Iraq to be a showcase for tolerance and understanding. Perhaps one day Iraq may want to adopt something like the first amendment of our country. That may only be an optimistic hope.

If only Mr. Goode were to apply those same standards to his own office.


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