Friday, May 11, 2007

Man of the Corporations

I lived in the 59th House district for more than four years. When I moved to my current locale during the summer of 2004, it was just in time to enjoy being represented by Delegate Van Yahres for the last few months before his retirement. That was made especially sweet after being subjected to years of Delegate Abbitt, who never seemed to do anything but act like a buffoon.

I am particularly excited to see that Del. Abbitt is being challenged this year by someone whom I have met on several occasions and for whom I hold a lot of respect. And also, fortunately, someone who will provide Watt with one hell of a fight (a fight that I expect he'll lose).

I was cruising around VPAP earlier and noticed Del. Abbitt's donor profile... and DAMN! It reads more like a stock porfolio than a donor list. You have to get to his 43rd most generous donor before you find an individual and only two of his top 75 are individuals (and one of those is a lobbyist). The rest are a primarily a bunch of corporations and lobbying groups.

By contrast, Connie Brennan's donor profile is made of entirely of individual contributions, with the exception of two donations from political groups. Nothing corporate. No lobbyists.

A candidate almost entirely funded by corporations or a candidate almost entirely funded by people. Which one do you trust to work for you?

Connie Brennan for Delegate


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