Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Oven!

Lowe's just delivered our new stove today. We had an old one, a REALLY old one. But, after a small fire and an exploding burner happened in rapid succession, we decided it was too unsafe to use. That was a year ago. We could have gotten it replaced by the landlord or with a cheap model immediately, but we were waiting for an inheritance that was held up in the California courts for quite some time. Now we have a really nice one.

While we have done an incredible amount with an outdoor grill, electric skillet and toaster oven, I can't wait to start really cooking again!


Blogger dmastio1 said...

A few months back, I just got a flat top range. What a nice change from cooking at a 20 degree angle.

5/16/2007 9:50 AM  

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