Tuesday, August 08, 2006

He's a Wuss!

I commented previously on Senator Conrad Burns' savage attack on a group of Virginia firefighters.

Since then, the story has had some traction, and people in Virginia, Montana and everywhere in between have shown their support for the Augusta Hotshots and for others like them who are willing to go where needed and help to defend people's homes and lives.

Everyone, it seems, except for George Allen.

The Hotshots were engaged in a grueling task. They were thousands of miles away from home battling massive fires in the middle of a dangerous heat wave. The job is extremely difficult and, from what I've read, is most akin to a major military operation. This is a group of guys who travel across the country, wherever they're needed. California, Montana, Ground Zero in NYC, wherever. And they're paid $10-$12 an hour for the priviledge. Obviously they do it because they care. I'm sure they could all find much more comfortable jobs making at least that much.

Does George Allen care? Apparently not.

Did he issue a statement condemning Conrad Burns' remarks? No. Did he issue a statement supporting the Augusta Hotshots and other firefighters? Nope. Did he say a damned thing? Not a word.

The Daily Press reports on an exchange (damn they're on a roll lately) between their editorial board and Senator Burns' office...

The young man (very young, we surmise) who answered the phone responded with language that would make a sailor, maybe even Burns himself, blush. Imagine a 'South Park' tirade in full force, laced with assorted colorful obscenities, and you get the idea.

'And you can tell Sen. George Allen of Virginia to [vulgarity deleted],' said Burns' spokesman.

This Allen guy is quite a character. We already know he's a greedy hypocrite and is probably a racist. Now it turns out he's also spineless (as if the 97% agreement with George Bush wasn't enough of a hint).

How can a Senator have one of his colleagues publically and unfairly berate his constituents and keep his mouth shut? How can that same Senator have his colleague's representative shout insults at him and just sit back?

This guy is supposed to be one of our leaders. When someone attacks his constituents, he's supposed to defend them. He's supposed to congratulate these firefighters, say to the world that they did a damned fine job and that anyone who says otherwise is full of it. And if having vulgarities publically directed at him isn't enough motivation to say something, then all hope is lost.


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