Thursday, February 15, 2007

He's Nuts!

It's obvious why Virgil Goode is reticent to speak, or do much at all, on the House floor. When he does speak... this happens...

Did Virgil Goode really just say he hopes for "a tolerance of divergent views and religions?" Sheesh.

I do hope that these additional forces will stabilize Baghdad and will lead to democracy and a tolerance of divergent views and religions in Iraq. Unfortunately, the history... of that region does not bode well for such conclusions. In my view, the United States, by removing Saddam Hussein, has provided a great opportunity for Iraq to be a showcase for tolerance and understanding. Perhaps one day Iraq may want to adopt something like the first amendment of our country. That may only be an optimistic hope.

If only Mr. Goode were to apply those same standards to his own office.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gotta Love It

It's not often you see... torrential sleet.

12 hours to go!

Monday, February 05, 2007

So Where's Our Transportation Plan?

Delegate Marshall has gotten this abomination out of committee... somehow.

Delegate Marshall (and eleven of his committee-mates) seriously need to retake some science classes.

If the guy is so damned concerned about elimination abortion, why doesn't he focus all of his energies on things that will ACTUALLY reduce abortions? His endlessly chipping away at choice can point at only two things... either he's cynically playing politics or he's delusional.

Friday, February 02, 2007

You and Your Third Dimension... It's Cute

If you have a problem with that maybe you should take it up with Mr. Laser.

Either Way

The Roanoke Times is reporting that the city of Martinsville is on the hook for $145,000, the result of "an unusual performance agreement" tied to a half-million in economic grants that went to failed defense contractor MZM. I've written far too much on this topic to rehash it now, but the bottom line is that either Virgil Goode, who was the master architect of this business plan, acted illegally in regards to MZM, or he is a stupid, stupid man.

So, despite Virgil Goode's efforts to portray itself as a champion of job opportunities in the 5th, what does Martinsville have to show for it? A few out of state jobs that disappeared and then a 145,000 debt for one of the areas in the district that most needs help? Even in the one area he has supposedly done the best for his constituents it would have been far better if he had done nothing at all.

Clearly, the best case scenario is that our Congressional representative is an ineffective, incompetent religious bigot. Clearly, he no longer deserves our votes.