Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mixed Blessing

Governor Kaine has one of the highest approval ratings in the nation (67%). I really, really wish this wasn't a result of his reaction to the Virginia Tech massacre, but in part it is. I told voters in 2005 that Kaine was the kind of public servant that was an agent of change. That he brought people together to solve problems. And he has been a leader, taking unpopular positions to solve our most pressing problems. Now, when a single crazed gunman makes us re-evaluate positions we hadn't thought about in a long time, Governor Kaine takes action, and in a single fell swoop makes our Commonwealth much safer.

Much has been made of Mayor Giuliani commenting that he thanked God on 9/11 that George Bush was our President. Well, let me say that in a time when we need sensible and proactive leadership, thank God Tim Kaine is our Governor.


I knew a site like this must exist, and today I found it...

RateBeer.Com... where beer enthusiasts describe their effervescent adventures in utilitarian detail. Most excellent.

They Chose Corruption

The Democrats will gain the Presidency in 2008, as well as gain seats in both the House and Senate. I'm calling it tonight.


Well, it helps that every Republican Presidential candidate, pretty much, is an idiot. Either corrupt beyond belief or so polished your average used care salesman looks like an altar boy by comparison. Hell, give Ron Paul $100 million and the nomination and the Republicans might have a chance. Beyond that, given their lack of decent choices (Fred Thompson? Newt Gingrich? Please...), and political trends going Democratic pretty much everywhere save Georgia and Louisiana (maybe), the chances for the Republicans are grim from the start.

But it's quite a stretch from that to total Democratic success down the latter (err... coattails) when the polls close on November 4, 2008. What amazing event precipitated my joyous prediction for the Democrats? In 2005, we Kaine staffers heard ad nauseam about how our race was a bellweather for the 2006 midterm elections. Only five states are cool enough to have off-year statewide elections. Virginia and New Jersey share a cycle, and Kentucky, Mississippi and Louisiana share the other. Little do most people know, but the Kentucky governor's race (yes, the general election) was decided today. It's a Democratic pick-up. Technically, today was just a primary day. But the results speak volumes.

On the Democratic side, a very well funded DINO/Republican ally was soundly rejected in favor of a real Democrat, Steve Beshear. But the real fascinating decision comes on the Republican side. Generally, is it not an unusual event when an incumbent is renominated. This is exactly what happened today, when Kentucky Republicans renominated Gov. Ernie Fletcher by an overwhelming margin. But, you see, Ernie Fletcher is extremely unpopular in Kentucky, garnering a 58% disapproval rating, including only 53% approval amongst Republicans. Fletcher can contribute his low ratings to a massive scandal involving rewarding state employees based on political affiliation. Turns out that's a illegal, and Fletcher has been indicted and has admitted he acted inappropriately. And, it turns out, he still may still face federal criminal charges.

As a political operative, I feel for Kentucky Republicans. I really do. They had a choice between Fletcher, a corrupt official with virtually no chance to be re-elected, and former Rep. Anne Northup, who would have had a much better chance at acutally winning the election, and they chose corruption. Today, they basically handed the Governorship to the Democrats. It will be a very sad November for them.

But, I have to say.... IDIOTS!!!! Did they learn nothing from 2006? Did they not even learn that they have to at least pretend they are not corrupt? I feel for them because I know how it would have felt had we lost in 2005, but damn, do they deserve it. They had the opportunity to choose a real leader, someone who could have given them a decent chance at a respectable party leader, but they shot her down and instead chose one of the most transparently corrupted politicans in the entire country.

The turnout numbers are also very telling. 348, 759 Democrats voted versus 202, 131 Republicans. Clearly, the Dems are more energized, despite having a lower profile election. And as a political operative, I know full well what that means. The only hope for the GOP now is a GOTV program unlike any the world has ever seen, and in a state where Dems and independents are overwhelmingly against the incumbent, even this seems like an unreachable goal.

What does this mean nationally? It means that Republicans haven't learned a damn thing from 2006. But in 2008, thanks to the Democrats suddenly having subpoena power, the Republicans will be faced with a situation in which many details of their corruption are publicly known, but have not been repudiated by candidates and party leaders. They will be even more so tied to Iraq and corruption than they were in 2006. With Republicans overwhelmingly endorsing their corrupt business as usual, they are leaving themselves no options but complete failure in 2008. 2006 will seem like just the sneak preview.

So, let them keep their most corrupt as their party leaders. That way, we keep them out in the open, where we can see what they're up to, and then extinguish them like the vermin they are.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bon Voyage

Congratulations to the Providence College Class of 2007, who will graduate later today. What a bunch of immensely talented people.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Oven!

Lowe's just delivered our new stove today. We had an old one, a REALLY old one. But, after a small fire and an exploding burner happened in rapid succession, we decided it was too unsafe to use. That was a year ago. We could have gotten it replaced by the landlord or with a cheap model immediately, but we were waiting for an inheritance that was held up in the California courts for quite some time. Now we have a really nice one.

While we have done an incredible amount with an outdoor grill, electric skillet and toaster oven, I can't wait to start really cooking again!


Deeds, Toscano, Mallek, Joseph, Dorrier, Lunsford, Claytor and Shipp. That's a fine group of candidates.

People I vote for have had this funny habit of winning lately. Hopefully this trend will continue in November.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Man of the Corporations

I lived in the 59th House district for more than four years. When I moved to my current locale during the summer of 2004, it was just in time to enjoy being represented by Delegate Van Yahres for the last few months before his retirement. That was made especially sweet after being subjected to years of Delegate Abbitt, who never seemed to do anything but act like a buffoon.

I am particularly excited to see that Del. Abbitt is being challenged this year by someone whom I have met on several occasions and for whom I hold a lot of respect. And also, fortunately, someone who will provide Watt with one hell of a fight (a fight that I expect he'll lose).

I was cruising around VPAP earlier and noticed Del. Abbitt's donor profile... and DAMN! It reads more like a stock porfolio than a donor list. You have to get to his 43rd most generous donor before you find an individual and only two of his top 75 are individuals (and one of those is a lobbyist). The rest are a primarily a bunch of corporations and lobbying groups.

By contrast, Connie Brennan's donor profile is made of entirely of individual contributions, with the exception of two donations from political groups. Nothing corporate. No lobbyists.

A candidate almost entirely funded by corporations or a candidate almost entirely funded by people. Which one do you trust to work for you?

Connie Brennan for Delegate


Election season is coming again! Some people look forward to December 25th. I look forward to the first week of November.

Partly Cloudy With a Chance of People

So, I tag-clouded my blog...

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Monday, April 30, 2007

You Rock

I was at the city market Saturday, and left noon-ish, right after my first (and definitely not my last) visit to the Flat.

There was a long line to leave the parking lot, and I saw it was extremely difficult for another driver to back out of their parking spot. After they backed out and left the lot immediately before me, the parking lot attendant informed me that they had paid for our parking. Completely unnecessary, but very appreciated (especially after paying $15 to park to see Jon Stewart that evening). Thanks!

Thursday, April 19, 2007



This is getting to be too much. Endless media whoremongering. Intricate dissection of students' reactions (as if 26,000 students are supposed to just stop acting like students). Badgering of victims and their families. Endless vitriol.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Good Luck

My campus still bore the signs of tragedy after nine students died thirty years before. After the terror of today, there will be a long road (a lifetime for some) of shock and sorrow for Virginia Tech. I extend my best wishes on their being able to come together as a community in the days ahead.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wish List

I want a new bicycle. And world peace. And a pony. And a really cool car. And a million bazillion dollars.

Oh, and Bill Bolling will never be governor.

Friday, April 06, 2007

I'll Take Anarchy

We interrupt this blog-ation to bring you to following... I have to commend Bill O'Reilly for making me agree with Geraldo Rivera... something I thought would never happen.

Geraldo is right. What about the other 346 drunk driving fatalities in Virginia? If Bill O'Reilly really cares about more than just a cheap political point, I can put him in touch with people who would gladly put his services to use. (Besides, who needs prison when we could subject DUI offenders to an hour with THAT?)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


As you can clearly see... I've decided to take an impromptu break from blogging.

I'll be back... but now with DeLay, Schwarzenegger, and the US Attorney mess, I'm just enjoying watching the Republican Party fall apart at the seams. Fun stuff.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

He's Nuts!

It's obvious why Virgil Goode is reticent to speak, or do much at all, on the House floor. When he does speak... this happens...

Did Virgil Goode really just say he hopes for "a tolerance of divergent views and religions?" Sheesh.

I do hope that these additional forces will stabilize Baghdad and will lead to democracy and a tolerance of divergent views and religions in Iraq. Unfortunately, the history... of that region does not bode well for such conclusions. In my view, the United States, by removing Saddam Hussein, has provided a great opportunity for Iraq to be a showcase for tolerance and understanding. Perhaps one day Iraq may want to adopt something like the first amendment of our country. That may only be an optimistic hope.

If only Mr. Goode were to apply those same standards to his own office.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gotta Love It

It's not often you see... torrential sleet.

12 hours to go!

Monday, February 05, 2007

So Where's Our Transportation Plan?

Delegate Marshall has gotten this abomination out of committee... somehow.

Delegate Marshall (and eleven of his committee-mates) seriously need to retake some science classes.

If the guy is so damned concerned about elimination abortion, why doesn't he focus all of his energies on things that will ACTUALLY reduce abortions? His endlessly chipping away at choice can point at only two things... either he's cynically playing politics or he's delusional.

Friday, February 02, 2007

You and Your Third Dimension... It's Cute

If you have a problem with that maybe you should take it up with Mr. Laser.